Accident Forgiveness

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Even the best drivers can make mistakes. Insurance companies know this and created an endorsement known as Accident Waiver (each company may have a different name for it). When a client has a policy with this feature, their rate will not increase as a result of their first accident.

How do you get it?

Here is where it gets interesting. Most insurance companies require you to qualify for this endorsement. This means you need 6-7 years of insurance history with no prior accidents to be eligible. If this is not you… don’t get into an accident. I have personally seen premiums increase by 50% as a result of a newer driver getting their first accident. When an accident gets on your record, you are rated for it for the next 6 years.

There is good news for you newer drivers out there!

There are two companies that offer accident forgiveness regardless of how many years licensed you have as long as you didn’t have any at fault accidents in the last 6 years. It could be your first day in Canada and you can get accident waiver.

So check your policy and make sure you have this as it is not automatically included when you purchase a policy.

Drive safe! 🙂


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