Planning to drive for Uber?

The earning potential with Uber is very high, but so is the risk. When you accept a ride with Uber and pick up the passengers, you are now considered a commercial driver. At this point, since one of the main exclusions on your personal auto policy is “driving-for-hire”, your insurance company will not cover you in the event of a claim.

Uber’s insurance policy only covers the passengers in the case of an accident. To put it into perspective: If the Uber driver rear ends another vehicle, the passengers will be covered through Uber, however, you will not be. If the third party decided to sue you for $100,000, your insurance company will reject your claim and you will be forced to pay out of pocket.

In order to avoid such issues, Uber has purchased a master commercial policy with Intact. They are the only company to currently offer Uber coverage. With Intact’s policy, the driver is covered from the moment they accept a ride to the passenger exits the vehicle.

What to do in the event of a claim?

In the event of a claim, you must email Uber notifying them of the claim and answer the questions they require. They will then send the accident log to Intact.

I have a personal auto policy with another company (Ex: TD, RBC, Allstate…), am I covered?

Intact is the only company that covers Uber. All other companies may not cover you in the event of a loss. If you disclose your commercial activities to your current provider, they may either cancel your policy or create a commercial policy which will be very expensive.

What if I drive Uber but do not disclose that to the insurance company.

If you do not disclose that you drive Uber to your company, they will likely reject any claim that occurs and possibly cancel you for misrepresentation (your next insurance policy will be very expensive with this on your record).

How can I get an Intact/Uber policy?

Contact your local insurance broker. They will quote you and facilitate the process.


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