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As licensed Mississauga insurance brokers, we offer Life and Health Insurance, Commercial property/Liability insurance, Commercial auto insurance, Travel /Super Visa insurance, Home insurance and Auto insurance along with many more products.

We have clients coming in daily asking for help and guidance. Whether they have a problematic driving history, purchasing a brand new vehicle for commercial usage, opening a business or dealing with ongoing claims, we hear them out and offer the best possible advice. Whether it’s recommending to stay with your current insurance company or joining a new one, our customers’ needs are a priority.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the most recognized insurance broker in Mississauga. We plan to do this through a combination of exceptional customer service (from policy changes to re-quotes), top class education (an educated client is a good client) and great pricing (maintaining powerful relations with Canada’s largest insurance companies).

We are never far away. As your local Mississauga insurance broker, you can stop by our office for a coffee any time! We are located in the heart of Mississauga at 250 Dundas St W, Unit 408. Call us at 905-366-0033 or submit a quote online!

The Ambroziak Advantage

We know that insurance can be complicated but we are here to help you understand.  We want to be with you for all of life’s major changes: from a new home and car to the addition of a new family member, Ambroziak & Rao will be the only name you will think of when someone says insurance. 


Once a quote is created, applications can be issued same day! 


Get Competitive pricing from multiple insurance companies through one representative

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You will have a personalized quote ready for your risk in under 20 minutes. Non-standard quotes may take longer.

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Claims processing, coverage solutions, billing management and risk analysis.

Effortless Policy Changes

Endorsements, additions, extensions, exclusions and changes are quick and stress free.

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Have all your commercial and personal insurance needs looked after through a helpful and friendly professional.

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Communication in insurance is vital. You can call, email or text us with any questions you may have. 


Leverage our network of experts in underwriting, legal services and risk management.

A message from Filip Ambroziak

Current Auto Insurance Market in Ontario

One of the primary goals at Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers is to educate the public on insurance trends and events. We enjoy having conversations and are always happy to have a discussion.

Over the last few years, there has been a large spike of fraudulent claims all over the Greater Toronto Areas. When fraud happens, it affects everyone, as naturally, the insurance companies must increase their premiums to balance their losses. 

Aviva insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in Canada works very hard to reduce fraudulent claims. This report shows a recent investigation done by Aviva Insurance exposing some common ways fraud occurs in Ontario.

We believe as insurance brokers, we are the front line in the fight against insurance fraud. We do this by informing both our clients and the public and provide advice to avoid being a victim. 

You should consider installing a dash cam on your vehicle as this can help prove your innocence if you are involved in a staged collision. 

We hope to see a large decrease in fraudulent claims over the coming years. The only way to do that is by working together.  

If you want more information on insurance fraud and what you can do to help stop it, please visit the FSCO website.

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